Victorinox 2017 Limited Edition Damascus Outrider Swiss Army Knife 0.8501.J17

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Victorinox 2017 Limited Edition Damascus Outrider 0.8501.J17
The centerpiece of the Outrider Damast Limited Edition 2017 is its elegant, 111 mm locking blade, made of corrosion and wear-resistant damascus steel. Comprised of 115 layers of finely honed steel produces the strong “Odin’s eye” damast pattern that will captivate collectors and users alike. The steel blade is complemented with custom Epicurean scales, with sequential numbering laser engraved on the back of each scale and a beautifully inlaid Cross & Shield on the front. Manufactured using an eco-friendly wood fiber composite, these handles are not only exceptionally functional and robust, but also offer a sophisticated look. To keep the silhouette of this exclusive knife streamlined, the model has been designed without a saw or corkscrew.

Limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide, and just 360 in North America, it’s safe to say that this knife won’t be around for long. 

1. Lock Blade 
2. Can Opener with
3. – Small Screwdriver
4. Lockable Bottle Opener with
5. – Screwdriver
6. – Wire Stripper
7. Reamer, Punch
8. Key Ring
9. Scissors
10. Long and Fine Phillips Screwdriver



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