Akinod Products: Rethinking Lunch Breaks Akinod is one of the modern cutlery manufacturers that, like Opinel, produces its world-class knives in France. Akinod’s products represent a dramatic reimagination of classic designs and are sold under three brands: Akinod, Deejo, and Baladéo. These works of modern art are the designs of Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau and are crafted with the utmost care and attention to strict quality controls.

Their cutlery is handcrafted in original designs that transform classic impressions and are made using a combination of the highest quality natural and synthetic materials. Their hand-crafted knives are made with high-performance natural materials like wood and horn and balance the use of synthetics, like plastic, resins, and nylon.

Akinod products represent an artistic fusion of the modern and the classic, and the products on this page showcase their interpretation of classic paring knives. These handcrafted knives are made with high-performance stainless steel and feature scales of beautiful natural wood - ebony, olive wood, and coralwood.

These modern culinary folders diverge from the classic estimation of fixed kitchen cutlery, elevating their forms to a new level of quality and practicality. These are the perfect modern folding paring knives to stash in a lunch box or traveling mess kit - they’re both aesthetically appealing and wildly functional, easy to carry and a joy to use, with comfortable grips and refined ergonomics.

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