WMK Exclusive Kizer Azo Begleiter XL Button Lock Flipper Pocket Knife 154CM Plain Edge Marble Carbon fiber Handle V5458E5

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Overall Length:  9"
Blade Length:  4"
Blade Thickness: .125"(3.18mm) 
Blade Material:  154CM
Drop Point Blade
Flat Grind
Plain Edge
Closed Length:  5"
Handle Thickness: .56"(14.3mm)
Handle Material:  Marble Carbon Fiber
Stainless Steel Frame/Liner
Weight:  5.2 oz.
Ambidextrous Carry
Tip-Up Pocket Clip
Button Lock
Thumb Stud Opener
Flipper Opener
Manufactured in China
Azo Design

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    A Knife Lover's Fidget Toy

    Posted by IamToast on 23rd Aug 2022

    A 4" blade of quality 154cm steel in a very high straight / Saber grind and a nice smooth satin finish the knife will be very slice and great at cutting thick materials. For me, the knife seems too large for an EDC if a workplace environment is involved and some might also object to the slightly spear point looking unsharpened swedge. Compared to a Spyderco Smock, a mostly button lock knife with stainless liners and carbon fiber scales, the Kizer seems rather overbuilt. The smock has a half inch shorter blade but each liner is half as thick and each carbon fiber scale is also half as thick. The Beg-xl scales are beveled at the edge and the liners are slightly proud, it looks nice. The CF might look nicer with a glossy protective resin coating and I'd prefer if the scales, especially at this thickness, were contoured (but that's likely to change the price point).

    The CF is handsome. There are at least three primary methods to unfold the knife: using the lock button and a wrist flick, using the thumb studs, or using the flipper tab. With the size and mass of the blade and whatever bearing they use, each method, when successfully executed, produces a rather nice mechanical sounding *snick*. Oddly the lock button method has an equally appealing sound but in a slightly higher tone. The *snick* sounds like an Hasselblad shutter or the door closing on a pricy luxury passenger vehicle. It is very pleasant but likely to drive your children, spouse, significant other and or flatmates insane.

    The blade opens smoothly and pivots without any side to side movements or rattles, lock up on mine is tight.

    If your a person who prefers over built (but not like a dire wear or similar) knife with decent mass and don't mind carrying a 4" bladed knife, this one might be a good choice. For other knife people, this knife, like the Smock, is an excellent fidgeting toy that's good looking, rugged, fun, and sounds awestastic.

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    WMK Exclusive Kizer Begleiter XL

    Posted by Christopher Tighe on 19th Aug 2022

    WMK’s keen eye for picking winning platforms for exclusives just delivered again. Kizer quality shines in this large and fidget friendly workhorse of a knife. In a year of exploding offerings in button-lock folders, WMK and Kizer have set the price/performance bar at a new level with this one. After experiencing the Micarta model, I just had to get the new CF model. Love this knife.

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    Exclusive Begleiter

    Posted by Cory on 8th Aug 2022

    This knife is fantastic for its price point. The marbled cf scales are very well done. Also having both a flipper and thumbstud deployment checked even more boxes on this one. Action is smooth! Lockup is solid. Excellent for those who fidget, though with a near 4" blade use caution! This will get a lot of attention for sure. Very happy with mine.

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    Begleiter XL Button Lock Flipper

    Posted by Robb on 28th Jul 2022

    The industry calls a "full sized knife" as one that has a 3.5 inch blade and essentially that is the criteria. I own a lot of these "full sized knives" that are great and are also a bit small for my hands. 8.25" to the crease line of the wrist and 4.5" across the palm with thumb included my hands are large so needless to say this knife fits me. This is a beefy knife. To put it into perspective it sits next to a demko 3.5" with the triad lock. Interestingly the harder you flip this knife the harder it will lock up which is cool. I went for the carbon fiber because I thought it would be lighter and it is 5.1 instead of 5.2. For my collection anyway this is the king of the button locks. Personally I call this a 3.75" rather than a 4" fyi. Top scores on the 8x11 paper slicing, Wow! The blade does slice like you would suspect it would. Yes, an awesome knife! Robb aka Guitarzan

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