Light My Fire of Sweden Black Pearl Camp Kit 3 Piece Fire Starting Bundle

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Swedish Fire Knife:

Flexible and sturdy profile-grounded blade. 
Sheath with clip.
High-friction rubber handle. 
Includes an original Swedish FireSteel® firestarter.
Lights campfires, gas-stoves, gas-barbecues. 
Works equally well when wet. 
Predictable performance at all altitudes. 
Produces a 2,980°C (5,400°F) spark.
Blade: Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel 
Grip: TPE rubber material 
Swedish FireSteel®: magnesium alloy
Actual size: 225x45x38mm Weight: 94 g 

Easy to light even when wet.
All natural & environmentally-friendly.
Up to 80% resin content.
It is the resin (oil) that burns not the wood.
Burns with a hot flame compared to paper and paraffin.
No "dangerous goods" shipping restrictions.
150x22x22 mm, 50-70 g.
Material: Stumps from Pinus Montezumae 
Actual size: 150x22x22mm   Weight: 50g-70g
Made in Honduras

Spork Original:
Dishwasher safe.
Extremely durable.
Safe for non stick cookware
Material: Tritan
Actual size: 170x38x17mm  Weight: 9g

high quality. high performance