Frog Lube Super Degreaser Professional Grade Cleaner for Knives & Guns Made in the USA 15216

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Professional grade. 
Super strength carbon and metal cleaner. 
Bio-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-petroleum concentrated dry solvent. 
Used as a high powered degreasing solvent (DS), powder cleaning and rifle bore cleaner (RBC). 
Engineered to dissolve carbon, clear heavy metals such as chrome and stainless steel. 
It cleans coatings such as Cerakote, Duracoate, Nickel Boron and QPQ. 
Leaves the firearm surface clean and extremely dry. 
It removes heavy surface fouling, 
stubborn deposits, 
hardened grease/sand paste, 
excess lubricant and cleans internal actions of contaminants 
extraneous fouling particles 
excess lubricant which may have become deposited in tight tolerance spaces
between moving parts. 
Designed to comply with U.S. Army TM 9-1005-211-12 (M1911A1), 
U.S Army FM 31-70 Field Manual for Cold Weather Operations, 
U.S. Army FM 90-3/U.S.M.C. FMFM 7-27 Field Manual for Desert Operations 
and others. 
Formulated to exceed specification MIL-PRF-680. 
​Environmentally green. 
Weight: .3 lbs.
Country of Origin: USA

high quality. high performance