DMT Magna-Guide Diafold Quad Sharpening System Kit Diamond Whetstone

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Offers portable two-stone sharpening at its best.

Includes: Magnetic Angle Guide

Aligner Blade Guide which provides 7-Angle adjustability for the right edge every time

Two Double Sided Dia-Fold Sharpeners which offer two 4" x 1" Diamond Whetstone surfaces with a folding plastic handle which protects the sharpener when not in use. One Dia-Fold is Coarse/Fine grit.

Coarse diamond quickly restores a neglected edge and Fine diamond for a razor sharp.

The other Dia-Fold is X-Fine/XX-Fine grit.

Extra fine diamond to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond.

Extra-Extra Fine diamond provides the finest polished edge of all bonded diamond abrasives.

Comes in durable plastic storage case with carrying handle.

high quality. high performance