Exotac fireROD Refill Kit Extra Long Ferro Rod 3.1" 001102

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Our fire starting tools utilize a proprietary alloy of rare earth metals called ferrocerium.  Some of these metals include Iron, Cerium and Magnesium.  When a ferrocerium rod is rapidly scraped, the friction created ignites the shavings producing molten globulars of burning metal.  It is these long-burning molten globulars of metal that make a ferrocerium fire starter so effective at catching other materials afire.

To replace an old rod, simply unscrew the rod and screw in the new rod.  Ensure the rod is a snug fit into the rod holder.  

This fireROD™ refill kit provides a 3.1" long threaded replacement rod and two extra o-rings. This length is useful for larger knife sheaths. 

5/16" Ferrocerium rod works when wet 

Up to 10,000 fire-starting strikes! 

Made in the USA

Package Includes: 

5/16" Threaded ferrocerium rod (1 pc)

Replacement O-rings (2 pc)

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