Kizer Elijah Isham Theta Flipper Pocket Knife Titanium Handle S35VN Blade Ki4514

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Overall Length:  7.375" 
Blade Length: 3.125" 
Blade Width: 1.125" 
Blade Thickness:  0.14" 
Blade Material: S35VN
Flat Grind
Plain Edge
Stonewashed Finish
Handle Length:  4.36" 
Handle Widt:1.25" 
Handle Thickness:  0.50" 
Gray Titanium Handle
Weight: 3.19 Ounces
Right Hand
Tip Up Pocket Clip
Manual Opening Flipper
Frame Lock
Designed by Elijah Isham
Manufactured in China

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    Beautiful, and way better than certain YouTubers say

    Posted by Flip OrNotToFlip on 21st Nov 2019

    What an elegant design, and far better slicer than I thought it would be.
    Now for the issue that seems to get a lot of Internet time: The detent. On mine, it is very adequate to insure a good deployment. And after a clean and lube, it's even better. A good 20 deployments without a single fail. I'll take that.
    In my medium-size hands, the handle is comfortable and provides space for all my fingers.
    I was concerned that the beefy (thick) stock of the blade would mean it would cut like a wedge more than slice. Nope. it's a slicing beast. And for food-prep, the belly being so proud of the handle makes it perfectly suited for cutting up stuff for dinner. Love it.
    And as always, Justin is just first rate. Great deals, customer service and amazingly fast shipping, even to the left coast. Thank you!

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    Great looks but Poor EDC

    Posted by Izik on 21st Nov 2019

    The knife looks awesome. It came out of the box blade centered and sharp. The knife was made with premium materials but it not edc friendly. The knife has a cool flipper tab and finger opening for single hand opening but both do not function well. The action is poor which might get better over time. I have a medium sized hand and i am unable to open the knife with my thumb. I guess this knife would have been a lot better designed as a liner lock instead of a frame lock because my fingers put pressure on the frame lock. I know it's an open back design but with the blade closed my chubby ham fingers were cut twice just below the flipper tab at the peak on the back side of the handle.

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    Hit and Miss

    Posted by Thomas Hoffman on 29th Aug 2019

    I pick this bad boy up as a gift for my father and sense it was BOGO, thought I would keep the other one myself. Or maybe it was the other way around. There are some definite Pros and Cons to this knife. I really like the aesthetics. Isham designed, titanium frame lock, S35VN steel. The Cons: the detent is terrible; I mean really terrible. The first time I tried to flip it open, the blade sputtered out about 20 degrees and stabbed deep into my palm. And I mean deep. Second, the blade is much, much thicker than I imagined. The blade doesn't slice so much as it chops into it. Great price for 2. But as sexy as she is, the Theta won't see a lot of pocket time. Maybe she is more of a show piece than she is an effect tool.

high quality. high performance