Kizer Vanguard Mini Sheepdog Black G10 Handle Flipper 154CM Pocket Knife V3488C1

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Overall Length: 5.77"
Blade Length: 2.63"
Cutting Edge: 2.5"
Blade Width: 1.25"
Blade Thickness: .11"
Blade Material: 154CM
Cleaver, Sheepsfoot style
Flat Gind
Plain edge
Handle Length: 3.14"
Handle Width:1.125" 
Handle Thickness" .45"
G10 Handle black
Stainless Frame Liner
3.17 Onces
Right Hand User
Tip Up Carry 
Manual Opening
Liner Lock
Every Day Carry
Manufactured in China by Kizer

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    When they say Mini, they are not kidding

    Posted by Rolf on 28th Jul 2018

    A lot of positives to this knife but with that said there is one giant or I should say 'tiny' negative as well. Positives: great action, very smooth, decent steel - VG10, good grind - very even, flipper tab is a good size and location is right for easy deployment, good lockup, & solid construction.
    The Big Negative: Super tiny, I mean almost comedically Tiny. I understand the specs. are listed but until you see it in person or physically handle one, the specs don't really give you an 'actual feeling' for the knife. I would highly recommend you borrow one or go to a physical store to see it in person before you purchase one. Overall this knife should be at the $40 price point but at $70 I feel the knife is lackluster and there are much better options out there. Anyway this is just merely a simple knife collectors opinion so take as you will.

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