Marttiini Knives Lynx Lumberjack Knife Stain Birch Handle Plain Edge 127012

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A proper general purpose knife, which tops our sales figures year after year! The blade is made of carbon steel that is perfect for carving and is easy to re-sharpen to its original sharpness. Remember to take proper care of your carbon steel knife: always dry the blade carefully after each use and oil the blade with unsalted oil on a regular basis. This will ensure your knife will serve you loyally from one year to the next. The handle of this knife is made from stained birch. Its surface is slightly textured so you easily get a firm, safe grip of the knife.

Blade Length: 3.93 inch

Overall Length: 8.66 inch

Blade Style: Clip Point

Handle Material: Stained Birch

Includes: Leather Sheath

high quality. high performance