Primus ETA Express Spider Camping Hiking Stove Gray Red 354093

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The powerful and stable Primus Eta Spider Stove is designed to deliver a proper meal for one or two people after a long day in the wilderness.The high performance burner can be controlled to achieve a rapid boil time, a gentle warming or something in between. Its wide base provides stability on uneven ground while the integrated windshield ensures uninterrupted cooking.A heat exchanger is built into the base of the cooking pot, which increases fuel efficiency and shortens cooking times by a third. You can also put the cooking pot in the insulation bag once heated to cook through your food to save fuel. When your meal is cooked, you can pack the whole thing into the compact storage bag and throw it in your rucksack.




Stable base


Integrated windshield


Heat exchanger cooking pot


Capacity: 1L


Insulation bag


Compact storage bag


Weight: 599g











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