Real Steel Urban Carbon 1.0 XL EDC Bag Black Carbon Fiber Coated RS032

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The Urban Carbon 1.0 is the perfect EDC carry for the city dweller.

With a ultimately modern feel to its exterior and usage, the Urban Carbon 1.0 can fit anything from a small pocket knife to car keys, money and your treasured watch. In addition, the XL version of the bag is large enough to fit a large fixed blade. 

The exterior of the hand bag is coated with pure carbon fibre which quality is lighter than that of metal aluminum, but has a strength quality higher than that of steel.

Well know for its high temperature resistance, lightness and low density, any contents inside the bag are guaranteed 100% safe.

A single lined ykk zipper allows for easy access to contents inside while also allowing the super fast ability to open from one side.

A nylon handle is further stitched to the exterior freeing the user to carry it hand held or attach it to further equipment.

Hypalon material is embedded along the spine of the bag and underneath the handle which provides a slight coarse coating.

This material performs extremely well with its resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and ultraviolet light. 

The interior brandishes a 100% extra-padded coral fleece ensuring the safety of the contents that are stored inside, without any chance of scratching the stored contents.

Weight: .26 lbs.

Manufactured in China

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