TSPROF Precision Knife Sharpener Blitz 360 Base Aluminum Alloy Body TS-BS19002B

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Blitz 360 Body

Universal Abrasive Holder

Digital Protractor Stand

Spare Parts: Bumpers 5 pcs, Screws 2pcs, Allen Wrenches 1.5, 2mm

Aluminum Alloy Body

Clamps Material Construction Steel

Stand Material Steel

Overall dimensions: 4.7? 5.1? 5.3″ / 120x130x134mm

Weight of the device: 3.3lbs 

Max spine thickness: 0.1772″ 

Blade length: 1.2-7.9″ 

Blade Width for the Correct Value of In-Built Angle Setup 0.98″ 

Abrasive thickness 0.12-0.61″ 

Max abrasive length 5.9″ 

Minimal sharpening angle (by the side) 8°

Maximal sharpening angle (by the side) 35°

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