TwoSun Folding Knife Multi Color G10 Handle D2 Plain Edge Satin Finish TS343D2

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Overall Length: 8.27"

Blade Length: 3.54"

Blade Thickness: 0.16"

Plain Edge

Blade Material: D2

Satin Finish


Handle Length: 3.54"

Multi-Color Damascus/G10 Handle 

Weight: 4.3oz



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    In love with this design

    Posted by Hugo Wilson on 9th Sep 2022

    As a note, I'm pretty sure based on the G10 pattern that I received the knife in the photos, so I suppose I could have received a tuned-up knife.

    - Attractive anodized handle and G10 scales, smooth finish with more dramatic milling than is apparent in the photos
    - Well-concealed framelock that is easy to access without the need for a cutout in the opposite scale, which I find preferable personally
    - Basic disassembly only requires T8 screws; T6s only secure the scales to the liners and the lockbar insert
    - Great pocket clip, attractive milling and the correct amount of tension, and blends seamlessly into the handle
    - The knife gently curves and tapers down from its thickest portion in the blade to the back of the handle; beautiful organic side profile
    - Great little finger choil that is just deep enough to work nicely without taking away from the blade
    - Nice gimping, grippy but well rounded off, in-blade stop pin is always a plus, and it came razor sharp right out of the box
    - Detente on mine was perfect, light enough to flip open smoothly without too much force, heavy enough that the blade won't open centrifugally from any amount of swinging it around
    - This may be a con for some, but after cleaning and oiling the knife it is quite difficult to open the blade 2-handed or any way other than by using the flipper properly; great if you don't want other people to be able to pick up your knife and use it without your supervision
    - Perfectly centred with no effort, even at different levels of pivot tightness; excellent fit and finish overall
    - $80 before discount codes... wow

    - Steel could be better, especially considering how premium the knife feels in hand
    - Blade markings are the rough kind of printed on, which is distracting considering how smoothly contoured the rest of the knife feels
    - A few too many blade markings overall for my taste
    - Would have loved to have seen the pivot rings anodized an interesting colour
    - Doesn't drop shut, but then neither do other frame locks this size in my experience

    The little rounded flipper on this guy isn't going to be for everyone, but after a day or two with the knife I was able to flip it as easily as any other front flipper. At this point I appreciate how discrete it is and how it basically blends right in with the other aethetics of the knife

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    Could be better.

    Posted by Chris H on 7th Aug 2022

    The quality, aesthetics… on point. The flipper is a bit difficult to use compared to others. Nice slicey blade. Not bad at all at the price point.

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    Pretty - Average

    Posted by MartinOH on 1st Aug 2022

    Nice looking knife but there are other front flippers out there with much better opening action. Maybe I'll get better as time goes on but I don't think there is enough steel sticking up on the flipper to get good leverage to flip it open. I can do it but like I said there are better front flippers out there.

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