Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit Multi Tool Silver Leather Pouch VN3.0227.L-X2

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Height: 0.7"

Length: 4.1"

Weight: 7.4oz

Needle-nosed pliers

Wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRC

Hard wire cutter

Large blade with wavy edge

Phillips screwdriver 1/2

Reamer, punch

Multipurpose hook

Can opener

Screwdriver 3 mm

Bottle opener

Screwdriver 6 mm

Crate opener

Wire bender


Wood saw

Metal saw

Metal file

Screwdriver 2 mm

Chisel 7 mm

Cable cover longitudinal cutter

Cable cover crossways cutter

Wire stripper and scraper

Lanyard hole

Coupling for corkscrew

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