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Benchmade 940-2 Osborne Pocket Knife Axis Lock Black G-10 Handle Plain Edge S30V

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Overall Length:  7.87"
Blade Length:  3.40"
Blade Material:  CPM-S30V
58-60 HRC
Blade Style:  Reverse Tanto
Finish:  Plain, Satin
Handle Length:  4.47"
Handle Material:  Black G-10
Weight:  2.65 oz.
Thumb Stud
Designed by Osborne
Manufactured in the USA


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  • 5
    Best EDC out there! 940

    Posted by tony on 9th Mar 2024

    I have 2 bugouts and this osborne and honestly the 940 wins me over every time as my EDC. Bugout is great and one of my favorites but if I had to choose this would be my choice as EDC. This blade shape is perfect for precision cutting and also s30v is great steel for this price range! Recommend to anyone looking out for one!

  • 5
    Osborne 940-2

    Posted by Scott Ritchie on 22nd Aug 2023

    The Osborne 940-2 is an excellent knife in every way. It’s slim and easy to pocket, it has a good blade length and is very smooth on open and close. I have to say it surprised me quite a bit in the fact that it was able to function as a light EDC knife but still retain the strength and solid feel of a larger knife. If the bugout is a bit to light duty for you even though it’s a great knife, then the Osborne is most definitely the correct EDC knife to get.

  • 4
    Benchmade 940-2

    Posted by Wilintopia on 18th Aug 2019

    This knife is well-designed for EDC: lightweight and fairly strong construction, with stellar blade length to handle ratio and blade length to weight ratio. Despite the narrowness of the blade, it slices through cardboard well as long as its edge is kept reasonably sharp.

    Lock-up is solid - no vertical or horizontal blade play as far as I can detect.

    Axis lock is not drop shut smooth as I have seen in youtube reviews of this knife, but it seems to be breaking in, so the action might become smoother with use.

    I am disappointed by a few fit and finish issues with the example that I received though. First, the blade grind is uneven side to side as well as tip to sharpening choil. Second, the texture of the G10 handle has several spots that are even smoother than the general, very mildly stippled surface of the scales. It's almost as if someone else had used this knife extensively in the past, because the smooth spots are mostly on the show side where the index and middle fingers tend to come in contact with the scale during use. In addition, there is a scratch on one of the smooth spots. I don't expect these fit and finish issues to materially affect performance of this knife, but it is disappointing to see these issues on a knife at this relatively high price point.

    Finally, I should note that, upon contacting Benchmade to request a deep carry pocket clip which many earlier reviewers of the 940 claimed to have received from Benchmade for free, I was told by the Benchmade representative who wrote back to me that there's been a change in policy and effective February of this year they have imposed a fee for sending out such clips.

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