Edge Pro Apex 4 knife Sharpening System 5 Stones, 1 Hone, Polishing tape, Bag ++

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Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System
120 Grit Coarse water stone
220 Grit Medium Fine water stone
400 Grit Fine water stone
600 Grit Extra Fine water stone
1000 Grit Ultra fine water stone
1 Pack of 2000 Grit Polish Tapes (15 per pack)
1 Pack of 3000 Grit Polish Tapes (15 per pack)
2 Polish Tape Mounting Blanks
8" 1200 Grit Ceramic Hone
Micro-fiber Towel
Water Bottle
Instructional Manual
Instructional DVD
Black Cordura Carrying Case

high quality. high performance