TSPROF Blitz Pro Sharpening 5 Piece Kit Very Fine-Extra Coarse TS-BS21000

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New Extended Frame Of The Rotary Mechanism;

Whole-Milled Aluminum Clamps;

Compact Size/Light Weight;

Extra Coarse(F150) : rough pre-sharpening, which will help to form the shape of the grind.
Coarse (F220) : the next stage, after the formation of the general grind of the knife. The beginning of the usual sharpening of the knife.
 Medium (F400): removes the micro-saw formed during the previous stages.
(F600): completes the main sharpening. This level is enough to cut tender tomatoes and not to blunt the knife from cutting the rope.
Very Fine (F1000): even finer finishing of the cutting edge 

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