Vault Knife Case Secure Large Black Faux Carbon Fiber Outer Shell Elastic Holders VASECURECF

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Inside the 11" X 6.5"  case, you'll find a system of velcro flex panels you can use to store your items securely.

This case features a faux carbon fiber outer shell.

Either weave your items into the strong elastic holders or attach the clips of your knives to the weave itself. 

Hold up to 21 average-sized knives and/or EDC items.  

In addition to the extra room, the Vault Secure offers a locking mechanism found on the outside of the case. 

The combination style lock securely holds both zippers in place for additional security. 

TSA Approved Combo Lock with resettable code.

2 x Small Loop Panels.

2 x Small Medium Loop Panels.

1 x Large Medium Loop Panel.

1 x Large Buffer/Patch Panel.

- Shoulder Strap (Detachable).

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