Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Tri-Brasive/Pivot Response 320 Coarse Grit 600 Fine Grit WSBCHPAJ

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Benchtop Sharpening Base

Tri-Brasive Sharpening Stone-320 & 600 Grit Diamond, Fine Ceramic

Angle Adjustable Sharpening Chassis

Knife Clamp

Sharpening Slide Rod

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    Good value

    Posted by D on 11th Dec 2022

    After reading the 2 star review here, I watched a lot of YouTube videos and decided to buy it. IMO, for the price, you can't beat this sharpening system. Super easy to set up. Super easy to use. In the two star review they said they cut themself while flipping the blade. I had no problems at all. They also complained that it is too light. It could be heavier, but I hold the base while sharpening and haven't had any problems. I wish I bought this sooner. I tried the Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box, I know it's a totally different set up, but it doesn't even come close to how good of an edge I can get on the Worksharp. Best place to buy it is here at WMK! I would recommend watching the Worksharp videos on YouTube for tips on how to use it.

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    Not up for the task

    Posted by Jake Enns on 19th Sep 2021

    This setup is a good effort for WorkSharp, but it's not a good buy. I think they should go back to the drawing board and fix the many shortcomings of this device.
    The main problem is how compact it is and how you are forced to put your hand up over the stones. In the first 3 knives that I sharpened I cut myself twice on the blade I was sharpening. To be clear, I cut myself when I was rotating the clamp. It's just too cramped and you need too much pressure to engage it to make it rotate. To sharpen you have to hold your hand in a awkward way to move the stone.
    The third con is how light it is - I wish they would have put holes in the base so you could screw it down onto a piece of wood or included a clamp to clamp it to a work table, that would help a lot.
    The diamond stones are okay, but only for a short while, they degrade much too quickly. WorkSharp does have a stone kit coming out, so at least it will be easy to get replacement stones.
    The final con is that the angle it reads is only a rough estimate. On the knives I sharpened the angles were at least off by over a full degree, usually closer to 2 degrees of. (same problem on Lansky system)
    I highly recommend getting the very best sharpener you can afford - that way your love for the hobby will GROW by leaps and bounds instead of fizzling out because its too hard to get a knife sharp.

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