Artisan Cutlery

Brand new in the knife industry (relatively speaking, Artisan Cutlery is a US-based company that works directly with a manufacturing facility in China that designs everyday carry knives for both users and collectors. Their knives strike the perfect balance between function and form, craftsmanship and design. Their knife products are made from high-quality materials including super steels like S35VN and S90V, and are high-performance cutting tools that last. White Mountain Knives carries Artisan Cutlery knives in a variety of styles and designs and in a variety of colors. We carry popular and practical models like the Artisan Cutlery Satyr and Boa, along with many others. Choose from our selection of cleaver knives, plain edge knives, flat head knives, and more to get the perfect knife, or knives, for your needs.

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