Artisan Arroyo Folding Knife Purple Haze Acrylic Handle AR-RPM9 Plain Edge ATZ-1845P-PHA

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Overall Length: 7.48"

Blade Length: 3.31"

Blade Material: AR-RPM9

Purple Haze Acrylic Handle

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    Great disign poor quality.

    Posted by Rogue Native on 21st Jan 2021

    My arroyo came with a lose pocket clip so i thought it was just the screw but it's the threads that hold the screw. I decided not to send it back because i thought it was an easy fix but mine came defective and the pocket clip is unusable. The design is great but the overall quality of budget artisan is exactly why i stopped buying cheap chinese knives. The only real good budget blade imo is Civivi. I will stick with them awesome knives and not waste anymore money on cheaply made stuff from china.

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    Awesome design!

    Posted by Rogue Native on 15th Jan 2021

    I love this blade shape and overall design. The handle is extremely comfortable. The handle material is beautiful but a little plasticy and side by side with a civivi that cost the same it's lacking a bit in quality. Or maybe we just get so spoiled now with 40 to 50 dollar civivi's that all other budget knives just cant compare. The pocket clip was a bit wobbly out of the box but a new screw and some loctite seems to fix it. Overall it's not bad for the price and I'm happy with the purchase. And don't forget about how awesome the customer service is at white mt. knives! When I emailed them about the wobbly pocket clip on mine I got an immediate response with a free return label but I figured it was such a simple fix why bother. Cool knife! Cool place to shop!

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    Artisan Cutlery Arroyo

    Posted by Richard C on 13th Jan 2021

    The most impressive aspect of the Arroyo is the blade steel. It came hair popping sharp and retains its sharpness better than my D2 blades. The scales are unique looking, and are grippy enough for acrylic. What needs improvement is the pivot action. The detention is weak, making it easy to fail when deploying the blade. A disappointment because I like to fidget with my folding knives, but the Arroyo’s pivot action needs some fine tuning.

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    What a trip mind-blowing

    Posted by Peter B on 21st Dec 2020

    Purple Haze all through my mind wow I love this knife seriously the acrylic scales are beautiful in the purple Haze pattern the upswept Persian style blade is beautiful as our most of Dirk pinkerton's designs the new blade Steel which is the powdered Steel just fantastic this blade is razor sharp and deployment is buttery smooth upon the bearing pivot what a great purchase great customer service as usual Justin is always there for us and fast shipping 20 Stars :-)

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