Brous Blades

Inspired by “Bio-Mechanical” artwork and designs, Brous Blades & products are the work of Jason Brous, whose ten years of experience in CNC machining taught him volumes about metallurgy and the chemical properties that make quality steel what it is. His knives and tools, referred to as Brous Blades, combine art and function. They are sleek, elegant, modern without abandoning the traditional and made from exceptionally high-quality materials. They command some of the highest respect in the industry for their unique patterns, incomparable craftsmanship, and durable, peerless components and materials. 

Through persistent trial and error, Jason Brous cultivated a style of knife design Combining the mechanical features of manmade machines with the fluid, organic lines and shapes found in nature, Jason Brous landed on a style that was equal parts attention-grabbing and understated. His creations stand on their own merit. 

The blades, knives, and tools in this collection are made from ultra-premium steels and scale materials, such as D2 tool steel and durable polymer synthetics. They feature crisp yet smooth actions and reliable locking mechanisms. These quality knives in this collection feature classic pocket knives, though he also produces modern designs with dual finger-hole grips, neck knives, and designs reminiscent of fantasy knives as well.  Love what you see, but looking for a different Brous Blade? Get in touch with us at and we would be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for

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