Byrd Products: Spyderco Quality at a Better Price
Do those humpbacked designs and Spydie-hole-esque profiles look familiar? They should be, especially if you’re a Spyderco fan. These Byrd products are produced by Spyderco and in many ways mimic their designs and quality - but at a substantially lower price. Byrd knives give knife enthusiasts and collectors an easy-in to the world of premium knives and quality at a lower price. Looking for a Spyderco but don’t have the dough? Looking for a Spyderco but you’d rather get two for the price of one? Get a Byrd - or two! 

High-Quality Materials
All named after iconic birds (the Cara Cara, the Crossbill, the Meadowlark, and so on and so forth) Byrd knives are made with only the highest-quality, premium materials that money can buy. 

Just like their Spyderco cousins, Byrd knives are made with quality steels and premium handle and scale components, like FRN and G10. Many of these knives boast excellent ergonomics and versatility with respect to carrying options. Also like Spyderco, the knives in this collection exhibit a high quality fit and finish, durable construction, and equally durable locking mechanisms. 

Both Classic and Innovative Designs
Although many of the Byrd knives in this collection are reminiscent of Spyderco knives with different names but similar materials, many of the Byrd products here sport novel designs. 

Highlights such as the Cara Cara 2 Rescue Knife feature a noticeably blunted profile (sort of like a sailor’s knife) and serrations, ideal for cutting through ropes or seatbelts in situations where accidental punctures can be a concern. Others like the Crossbill feature hawkbill designs that are perfect for pulling and slicing. 

Check out our collection of Byrd knives and get in touch with us at if you don’t see what you’re looking for!

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