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Hi, my name’s Justin, and I love knives. I started this business in 2005, and it’s been a blast watching it grow into the beauty that stands before you. Why’d I get into the knife business? Well, I love the outdoors, and some of my favorite memories reside in the White Mountains. It was a no brainer to combine my professional life with my beloved hobbies!

I grew up camping in the White Mountains, and it felt like a necessity to include their splendor in the name of my business. Carving sticks on summer camping trips was a pivotal hobby of my childhood, and I always carried a knife with me in the wilderness. My family is full of avid campers, and I retain my love for the outdoors as a dedicated skier and runner.

Ironically, I’m now a fan of the more industrial looking knives, but I obviously have a huge place in my heart for every outdoors knife that I provide. Every single sale puts a smile on my face, as I welcome another person to a treasured experience from my own past. The outdoors are calling, and White Mountain Knives is here! Will you answer the call?

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