Pivot Tool for TwoSun Knives Standard Hex Driver Stainless Steel

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Pivot Tool for TwoSun Knives

Will fit a standard Hex Driver

The tool is machined from 400 series stainless steel and is magnetic.


This tool will work in either a magnetic or circlip held hex screwdriver, it's machined from magnetic stainless steel.  It, along with a hex driver on the opposite side of the pivot will allow you to disassemble, assemble and tension the pivot on a Twosun knife.  It is not easy to use, because it must be held absolutely perpendicular to the pivot while operating the hex wrench on the opposite side.  I suspect that Twosun uses a sophisticated tool that grabs all three flats and holds them under tension when they assemble the knife, but that would be a much more complicated device than this simple hex screwdriver based tool.  Please don't buy this unless you feel confident that you can use it properly.  This is most difficult when you discover a knife with a significant amount of thread locker, as it's not easy to hold the tool perpendicular while exerting a substantial torque via the hex wrench.  I find it easiest to hold the knife between my knees while using the hex screwdriver and hex wrench to loosen the pivot.

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    Best Tool

    Posted by Peter B on 18th May 2021

    Just what I needed best tool to break the pivot loose great customer service fast shipping

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