Spyderco: Hundreds of Uses In One Small Package

15th May 2018

Every hiker or adventurer knows that a good pocket knife can make all the difference. Not only do pocket knives offer protection, but they can also be used in a wide variety of instances from daily uses like opening letters and/or packages to more rare instances like filleting a fish. However, not every pocket knife can handle all kinds of different uses. If you’re looking for a small multi-tool pocket knife that can be used for lower-scale purposes, you might be interested in one of our multi-tool pocket knives. If you’re looking for a pocket knife for larger-scale purposes, however, a Spyderco pocket knife could be for you.

While mentioning hundreds of different ways in which one can use a Spyderco pocket knife is very helpful, we think we can get our point across by only mentioning a few main points.

Daily Uses
You don’t need to be an adventurer or a survivalist in order to carry a pocket knife; pocket knives are useful for a number of different daily uses. For example, do you open letters? Packages? Sure, you do. With a pocket knife, you won’t need to search the house trying to find the right tool to open one of those pesky clamshell packages or slice open a tightly taped box of goods, you’ll have an easy to use knife right at your fingertips.

Maybe you’ve got glue stuck on a table? A sharp pocket knife can be used to easily scrape it off. Keyrings giving you trouble? I’m sure we’ve all experienced pinched skin caught between the loops on a keyring. With a pocket knife, you can simply slip the edge between the rings and viola! You’ve got an opening! A good pocket knife can also be used for arts and crafts, removing stickers, cutting zip ties, clothing tags, and more! Perhaps you like to keep your pockets lights. Most pocket knives come with a pocket clip that can double as a money clip.

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and found there was no hook to hang your coat or bag? Well, a pocket can help with that! Check out some videos on YouTube for great examples. But keep in mind, extreme pressure on your knife can cause damage to the knife so be sure to use this as a solution only when necessary.

When someone thinks of pocket knives, they typically associate them with camping or any outdoorsy type of activity. While pocket knives are great for these kinds of adventures, the uses for a pocket knife while camping or hiking can be transferred over to daily usage as well.

One of the great things about pocket knives is that they offer a sharp solution to all kinds of problems. For example, when going camping, inexperienced campers might pack all kinds of things on their first trip, while experienced campers know that they can get away with a minimal amount of items that can be used for many different purposes. A pocket knife being one of them. You can cut fruit, peel oranges and potatoes, cut meat, cut bait, gut and fillet a fish, the possibilities are endless. And no need to carry around a kitchen knife, a pocket knife will do the trick.

With a pocket knife, you can open a can, open a bottle of wine, shotgun a beer, carve wood, cute rope, and much more. Perhaps you’ve been on the road or in the woods for quite some time. Maybe your hair has grown to unmentionable lengths, or you’re beard is way past its prime. A good, sharp pocket knife will come in handy for shaving or cutting off hair that’s grown too long. Dirt stuck beneath your nails? Not everyone has access to a nail scrubber, but with a pocket knife you get an eating utensil, survival tool, and nail cleaner all in one!

Safety Precaution
When it comes to safety, a pocket knife will never hurt. You may never even need to use a pocket knife for this reason, but having one on hand is always a great idea. For example, seatbelts are life savers, but they can also be extremely hard to get out of. With a pocket knife, you can cut a seatbelt in the case of an emergency. The same thing can be said for animals on leashes or animals stuck in wire or netting.

Pocket knives come in handy in every type of situation. Whether you have loose thread hanging from your shirt, you need to peel an orange or slice an apple, or you need to free an animal caught in some rope, a good pocket knife will never let you down. If you’re convinced you need a pocket knife in your life (which I hope you are), head on over to our products and see everything we have available for you. From popular brands like a Spyderco pocket knife, Kershaw, Cold Steel, and more, we’ve got multi tool knives, fixed and folding knives, tactical pens, sharpeners, and more! Get yours today!

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